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Best Instagram Places on Australia’s Coral Coast

If you’re planning a road trip along Australia’s Coral Coast, then you wouldn’t want to miss visiting the top instagram places on the way. With some of the most unique coastline, crystal blue beaches and the burnt landscape you’ll get a variety of shots, perfect for the gram. These include some of the best photography spots in all of Western Australia!

This list will not only provide you with the ultimate road trip stops, but also with the necessary tips for getting the best photo. Find out when to visit, what camera settings to use, prop ideas and what to wear!

As we get to explore more of the region we’ll be sure to update this list with the most instagrammable places on Australia’s Coral Coast. Although, I have included a few honourable mentions that I haven’t yet visited… this list just wouldn’t be complete without them!

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Photography Places on Australia’s Coral Coast:

Lancelin Sand Dunes

This list is ordered from locations closest to Perth to those that are the furthest away. So, first up is the Lancelin Sand Dunes! These beautiful white sand dunes stretch out as far as the eye can see and are exceptionally beautiful in contrast to a blue sky or at golden hour.

You can even add in a little fun on your visit here by joining a quad tour or hiring sand boards! While this will come at a cost, entry to the dunes is free.

Get creative when taking photos here. Use the leading lines along the top of the dunes or have some fun with the sand to get a unique shot. Hiring a sand board can be great for getting that action shot or to simply use as a prop in your photo.

The Pinnacles

Located slightly further north from Lancelin are The Pinnacles in Nambung National Park. Filled with limestone formations of up to 3.5 meters high, its a great place for a pitstop on your road trip! 

Entrance Fee: $15 per vehicle

Taking quality photos here can be challenging, especially if you’re visiting in the middle of the day. The sand and limestone easily reflects the sun, making the lighting harsh and unflattering. If you find yourself visiting at this time of day, try situate yourself in the shadow of a pinnacle for your photo. Otherwise, here are a few extra tips for taking photos in harsh lighting. Ultimately, it is best to visit when the sun is low.

Hutt Lagoon

Hutt Lagoon is a photography spot on Australia’s Coral Coast that has become increasingly popular on instagram. To see the lake at its pinkest you’ll need to visit when the sun is out! The water is even more stunning on a day without wind, so if you’re staying in the area plan your visit accordingly.

The best spot to get to the waterfront for a photo is from along the main road (so you don’t actually turn down the road for Hutt Lagoon). To get an interesting perspective on the lake, use a drone to take your photo from above!

mother and son at pink lake on australias coral coast

Kalbarri National Park

Kalbarri National Park is filled with stunning spots for instagrammable photos. Two of the most popular being Natures Window and the Kalbarri Skywalk.

Entrance Fee: While the coastal areas of the national park are free, these two attractions are located in the Inland National Park and will cost you $15 per vehicle per day.

Natures Window

Natures Window is the most popular and renowned attraction in all of Kalbarri. This is what many people come here for. If you only have time to do one thing while here, this is it.

The best time to take a photo here is at sunrise, as the sun will rise over the gorge and make its appearance in the natural rock window. However, this is well known and can be a very busy time of day to visit. Remember to be respectful and take turns to take photos in the window.

girl sitting in natures window in kalbarri national park

Kalbarri Skywalk

The ‘newest’ attraction in the National Park, the Kalbarri Skywalk provides stunning views over the Murchison Gorge and the surrounding environment. It is suitable for people of all ages, with accessible pathways, toilets and a kiosk.

The best time to visit is around sunrise. I suggest first going to Natures Window and then heading to the skywalk from there. The most stunning photos I have seen of this location were taken with a drone, but you can still get beautiful photos here without one.

girl on the kalbarri sky walk on coral coast

Carnarvon Cacti Farm

Carnarvon is a popular road trip stop along Australia’s Coral Coast, mostly for it’s incredible fuel station. However, there is also a fun Cacti Farm to be discovered in this town. Sadly, I have yet to visit it… we couldn’t find it when we were here. It isn’t something you can just type into google. Since then I have acquired directions to it so that we can visit on our next trip up north.

The Cactus Farm” is located along South River Road.

Shell Beach

Another spot I haven’t yet been to, but one that definitely needs a mention on this list is Shell Beach. This beach is made up of billions of tiny shells. It’s one of the few places on earth where there are shells on the beach instead of sand.

A photo with the shells spilling out of your hands or thrown in the air is very popular to take here.

Monkey Mia Dolphins

The Monkey Mia Dolphins are just about the cutest photo opportunity on Australia’s Coral Coast. While taking an ‘instagrammable’ photo of the dolphins might be challenging, they’ll still be a great addition to your social media.

So, be sure to capture a video as the cute dolphins swim past during their morning feed.

Ningaloo Reef

Interested in taking some underwater photos on one of the world’s most pristine reefs? The Ningaloo Reef is a great place for a unique snorkelling shot or a photo of a cute turtle! If you’re feeling more adventurous you could even try scuba diving or swimming with one of Australia’s Big Threes’.

Not to worry if you don’t have an underwater camera. If you join a tour there will often be an underwater photographer snapping photos of your day. You can simply purchase your photos at the end of the day!

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Tours on the Ningaloo Reef can be taken from Coral Bay or Exmouth.

Charles Knife Canyon

Located in the Cape Range National Park is Charles Knife Canyon. While I haven’t yet been myself the photos I’ve seen are stunning, especially those taken at sunrise! After endless flat landscape, the canyon is a unique and very photogenic part of Western Australia’s north.

So be sure to pack your picnic rug and a hot coffee and watch the sun light up the canyon.

Vlamingh Head Lighthouse

Vlamingh Head Lighthouse in Exmouth is a popular spot to watch the sunset or try your hand at nighttime photography. With views over the coastline, it’s easy to see why!

However while I have been here, I don’t actually have any photos of the lighthouse itself.

sunrise at vlaminghead lighthouse exmouth


This list of instagram places on Australia’s Coral Coast only covers some of what you can capture here. A few others photo ideas to mention are a snap with the ‘king waves kill‘ sign near Quobba Station or to take a photo of the endless Coral Coast Highway.

Just make sure to be creative as you capture your adventures in the north of Western Australia.

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