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10 Family Travel Instagram’s You Need to Follow

Whenever I am looking for travel or photography inspiration for an upcoming family holiday I turn to Instagram. I love accounts that share good quality photos on their feed with great captions to suit. For me, the number of followers has nothing to do with how great each account is. Overtime I have compiled a list of my favourite family travel Instagram’s to follow for both travel and photography inspiration!

This list of the best family travel Instagram’s is from a mix of families who travel full-time and from a home-base. I love checking them out for travel tips and ideas to bucket-list destinations from around the world! They each have their own unique style of travel as they share their adventures along the way. I have shared a brief description and a link to each account mentioned so be sure to go check them out for yourself… and give them a follow too!

1. Full Hearted Travelers

Followers: 5.1k

This family of 5 has just finished 6 months of full-time travel around the world. However, they are now taking things 6 months at a time and still have plenty of trips planned for the future! Their trip to New Zealand looked so incredible!

You can find this account here: @fullheartedtravelers

2. The Family Ventures

Followers: 3.5k

This family of 3 has been travelling the world since July 2019. So, they are heading towards their 1-year mark… how exciting! They have travelled to so many places over the last few months and I am always looking forward to see where they will go next.

UPDATE: They just announced that they are expecting twins!

You can find this account here: @thefamilyventures

3. The Walton Adventure

Followers: 21.6k

The Walton family is currently exploring Bali and I just love to see their experience compared to ours. We will be heading there in just a few weeks so they are definitely making me excited for our trip!

Also, I love to watch their stories of their daughter Whitney who is such a little adventure! You will often find her rock climbing with her Dad… did I mention she is only 3 years old? You go girl! And their daughter Mara is the same age as Koby so that’s pretty cool too!

You can find this account here: @thewaltonadventure

4. Live Life and Roam

Followers: 27.3k

I love following travel families from Australia! James, Paige and baby Oliver (who is Koby’s age) have been roaming through South East Asia for the last few months. They have been creating stunning content along the way, sharing plenty of inspiring photos that will definitely give you the travel bug!

You can find this account here: @livelifeandroam

5. These Wander Days

Followers: 8.6k

Another Aussie family has been travelling around Australia with their 3 kids! Their days are often spent on one of the many beautiful Australian beaches, showing the importance of living in the moment. I have loved watching them explore my home state of Western Australia, helping even a local to realize how many places there are to see here!

You can find this account here: @these.wander.days

6. No Man Before

Followers: 9.6k

Based in California, Kelly and Aaron love taking their son on adventures along “paths less wandered.” Not only do they share beautiful photos from around their home, but they also take adventures around the world. This family also has a great travel blog with lots of informative posts on destinations they have travelled.

You can find this account here: @nomanbefore

7. Dare-list Family

Followers: 7.8k

The Darelist Family travelled fulltime for 2.5 years before buying a home back in Australia. They have been to so many places throughout Europe and South East Asia. They also spent 5 months travelling around the USA and Canada in a van. Their photography is incredible and were recently featured in Dame Traveler magazine!

You can find this account here:

8. Our Kindred Travels

Followers: 14k

Another family who is based in California, Our Kindred Travels take adventures around their home and the world. Their photos are so beautiful and I loved seeing pictures from their trip through South Africa!

You can find this account here: @ourkindredtravels

9. The Jetsetting Family

Followers: 36.4k

The Jettsetting Family has a much higher follower account than the others that I have shared, but their photography and cute kids have really earned them a spot on this list! They are currently travelling the world fulltime and can often be seen cruising with Royal Caribbean. Their blog is full of travel tips to help you plan your next holiday!

You can find this account here: @thejetsettingfamily

10. The Common Adventure

Followers: 1,000

Lastly, if you have made it through all the above accounts I thought it was time to share my own! Our little family loves to share our adventures that we take around our home in Western Australia and the world! We love to get outside and explore with our little boy as we let him learn in nature. I, Megan, love learning photography and travel is my greatest inspiration for taking photos! Each trip we take I work to improve my skills and capture the moments of our family adventures.

You can find our account here: @thecommonadventure

If you want to learn more about our family and our travels, head to our About Us page.


Clearly the number of followers has nothing to do with the quality of an Instagram account! There are so many small family travel Instagram’s that are worth following for inspiration, tips and entertainment! These are my favourite accounts to follow, I hope you love them too!

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