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Tips for Visiting Universal Studios Singapore with a Baby

Entrance tickets for Universal Studios Singapore are expensive and there are few attractions suitable for children under 2. However, children aged 3 and under have free admission. So, if Universal Studios Singapore is something you are interested in experiencing, you can easily take your baby for a fun family day at this theme park!

I have outlined the attractions that are suitable for with your baby, as well as tips for having a successful family day. You will see that the park has plenty to offer, aside from thriller rides.

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What to Pack for a Day at Universal Studios Singapore with a Baby:

  • Pram: Be sure to take your pram along for the day. The park is big so there is a lot of walking. It also helps to carry all of your stuff for the day and gives your baby a place to sleep. You can park it outside of attractions when you cannot take it along. Note: You can hire a pram near the entrance to Universal Studios.
  • Backpack Nappy Bag: I always recommend using a backpack styled nappy bag. It allows you to be hands free, making it easier to care for your baby!
  • Snacks: Food is expensive in the park, so be sure to take lots of snacks for your baby (if they are eating) to help keep them happy and fed throughout the day. Just note, Universal Studios does request that you don’t bring in food from outside the park. However, it is acceptable to bring food that is suitable for your child.
  • Change of Clothes: Singapore’s weather can be unpredictable. While a lot of Universal Studio’s is under cover, it is possible that you will get caught up in the rain. Take a change of clothes for your baby so they can continue to be comfortable throughout the day.

Baby Appropriate Attractions at Universal Studios Singapore

There is something for you to enjoy with your baby in every section of Universal Studios Singapore. There are shows, a few rides and character Meet-n-Greets. Most attractions will also provide an area for you to park your pram, just remember to take your valuables with you!

Hollywood: Here you can watch Elmo’s TV Time, a comedy show directed by Elmo himself that your little ones will enjoy.

Meet-n-Greet: Minions from DESPICABLE ME

New York: Here, we went to Lights, Camera Action! While not exactly suitable for a baby, they are allowed entrance with a parent. This gives the parents an opportunity to experience a park attraction together! You can also see the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase, a special effects show that the whole family can enjoy.

Meet-n-Greet: Sesame Street Characters

Sci-Fi City: Sci-Fi City is dominated by thriller rides. However, if you are keen you can take your younger children on the Accelerator, which is just like a teacups ride.

Meet-n-Greet: Transformers!

Ancient Egypt: If you are looking for a slow paced ride Treasure Hunters is just that! While you cannot take a hand held infant along, older babies are able to come on the adventure.

The Lost World: Dino-Soarin’ is suitable for young children accompanied by an adult. Water World is a show that is open to the whole family. However, if your baby doesn’t like loud noises you may have a hard time keeping them happy.

Far Far Away: I highly recommend going to watch Shrek 4D Adventure, it is perfectly fine to take your baby along for the show. While it wasn’t all that exciting for adults, Donkey Live is a great show that really engages young children. The Magic Potion Spin is an indoor ferris wheel, designed for the younger park visitors.

Meet-n-Greet: Shrek, Princess Fiona and Puss in Boots!

Madagascar: King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round is a family carousel that is more than suitable for you to take your baby on.

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Universal Studios Singapore Rider Swap Passes

Also known as a Child Swap, a Rider Swap pass allows parents to enjoy the more thrilling rides. Just ask an attendant as you get into the line for a pass, then as one parent stays with your child, the other will go on the ride. Once they are back, the parent waiting with the child can then go ahead to the front of the line.

Nursing & Changing Facilities for Your Baby

There is a dedicated nursing room with baby changing facilities located at the entrance to the park. However, many of the restroom facilities also have places where you can change your baby.

There are other dedicated nursing rooms located outside of Universal Studios Singapore, throughout Resort World Sentosa, where you can tend to your baby.


Simply, take it EASY! Universal Studios is a huge theme park, and with Singapore’s unpredictable weather your day can become difficult very easily. My favourite way to take a break is to make use of the nicely air-conditioned Starbucks located in Hollywood! This little trick really helped us to enjoy our day at Universal Studios Singapore and keep our baby happy!

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