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Top 5 Free Things to Do in Perth with Kids

As locals here in Perth, Western Australia, we love finding free things to do with kids around our home city. We always love going out on family adventures, but spending money on every outing just isn’t in our budget. Thankfully, Perth is full of free natural and built attractions that will entertain both you and your kids!

Seeing as the weather in Perth is generally dry, these outings are mostly outdoors. However, if you find yourself heading out for an adventure on a rainy day, there are still free things to do with your kids in Perth.

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1. Free Things to Do in Perth: Kings Park with Kids

Kings Park is one of the world’s largest inner city parks, larger in size than Central Park in the US! It is an incredible park, filled with Aboriginal and European history and home to the Western Australian Botanical Garden. Being so large, make sure you download a map of the park for your visit!

From Kings Park you can take in spectacular views of the City of Perth, as well as the Swan and Canning Rivers. Walk along the Lotterywest Federation Walkway (tree top walk), follow various walk trails or visit one of the children’s play areas. You can enjoy all of these attractions for free, and your kids will definitely have a great time exploring nature! Kings Park also hosts a variety of events throughout the year, some of which are great free things to do in Perth.

Some of our favorite free things to do in Kings Park, Perth is to pack a picnic and visit for lunch with friends or family. I always love taking in the view of the city skyline from the Fraser Avenue Precinct near the State War Memorial.

On our last visit the Kings Park we actually parked in the Fraser Avenue Precinct, before walking to the Blue Boathouse. The walk took us around 20 minutes each way and was a beautiful walk through nature!

2. Free Things to Do in Perth: Blue Boathouse

More commonly known as the Blue Boathouse, the Crawley Edge Boatshed is located on the Swan River at Crawley. It is just below Kings Park along Mounts Bay Road. The boathouse is over 90 years old and has been rebuilt several times. It wasn’t until it was painted blue in 2001 that it became a popular Perth attraction for tourists from Asia!

These days you can actually book a bike or waterbike tour where the Crawley Edge Boatshed is listed as one of the major attractions. However, you definitely don’t need to book a tour to see this major attraction. Visiting the Blue Boathouse is a free thing to do in Perth! If visiting with kids, keep safe around the water and try to spot some brown jellyfish in the water.

Get a Photo at the Iconic Blue Boathouse, Perth

As the Blue Boathouse is also the most photographed spot in Perth, over the last few years it has become an Instagram hotspot for tourists! The reality of the location is, that the boathouse is right alongside a busy road, with very little parking and lots of people looking to get a photo. When visiting for a photo, make sure to wait your turn and let other people get their photo too.

Since there isn’t much parking in the area, walking to the Blue Boathouse is a great option. You can easily park up in Kings Park and walk down to the area. If you have kids in a pram, just note that there isn’t a pram friendly path down to Mounts Bay Road from Kings Park, but the steps are far apart making it possible.

Another option for getting to the Blue Boathouse is to cycle or walk along the Swan River. This way you also get to experience the beautiful river and activity. 

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3. Free Things to Do in Perth: Perth Hills with Kids

The Perth Hills, consisting of the wide ranges of the Darling Scarp, are full of free things to do with your kids! With national parks, orchards and charming country towns you will easily find something to suit your family.

Go Hiking in the Perth Hills

The Perth Hills hold some of the best hiking option for Perth and of course, hiking is a totally free thing to do! It is also one of the best ways to experience nature and your kids will love being outside with you. Here are some of my favourite hikes in the Perth Hills that are great to do with kids:

Serpentine Falls

When visiting Serpentine Falls, the falls are only a short walk away from the main carpark. Once you are there, you can follow a few walk trails to explore more of the area. The Serpentine Falls are generally only flowing after a few weeks/months of rainfall. If you are planning to go for a hike you can follow the Kitty’s Gorge Walk Trail from the Jarrahdale Cemetery. This will take you anywhere from 3-5 hours.

Lesmurdie Falls

Lesmurdie Falls is the largest waterfall in Perth making it a popular hike in Perth. It is best to visit from Autumn to Spring, when there is more water flowing and the vegetation is green. During the Spring you will also be treated to beautiful wildflowers! All up, the hike will take between 1-2 hours.

Ellis Brook Reserve

Ellis Brook is probably one of my favourite hikes to do in the Perth Hills. There are several different tracks that you can follow, depending on how far you would like to hike. If you are planning a longer hike, then park at the first and follow the Blue Wren Trail. For a shorter hike, continue driving and park at the second to follow the Sixty Foot Falls trail.

My favourite part hiking through Ellis Brook Reserve was the Old Barrington Quarry. Make sure you take in the views from both the top and the bottom of the quarry!

Visit an Orchard

Throughout the Perth Hills there are several orchards that are free for people to visit. During the different seasons they offer a new appeal to people. In Autumn, you can visit to see the leaves turning orange. During the Springtime you can come see the pink blossoms. Finally, during harvesting season you can come to pick fruit.

Depending on what orchard you choose to visit, the requirements for your visit may vary. Some orchards may charge a small upkeep fee to allow you to walk through their grounds. Others won’t allow you to come pick fruit.

These photos are from our visit to Raeburn Orchards, where we paid $5 entry fee for adults only. We came at the end of May, right before the last of the autumn leaves had fallen of the trees.

4. Free Things to Do in Perth: The Beach with Kids

Perth is home to some of the most incredible beaches… and the best part is, beaches are free and kids love them! Not only that, but since Perth is located on the west coast, the sun sets over the ocean making for stunning sunsets. It’s not hard to find a good beach in Perth, so it really depends on what you are looking for.

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While any beach in Perth would be incredible, here are some suggestions to help you decide where to go:

Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Perth, and is great for swimming, snorkeling and surfing. With the Indiana Tea House right on the sand, it makes for a very picturesque beach.

During March every year, Cottesloe Beach also hosts the Sculptures by the Sea Exhibition. This is a free event that many people in Perth come to see!

Scarborough Beach

Often referred to as Scarbs by the locals, Scarborough Beach is considered one of Perth’s most populated beaches. Recently it was transformed into a major tourism destination with a swimming pool, skate park and huge kids playground.

On Thursday nights they host sunset markets that include free music and entertainment. If you want to visit when the markets are on, you will need to come during the warmer months.

Rockingham Foreshore

Rockingham Foreshore recently had some major renovations, making it even more family friendly! We love all the playgrounds and huge grassed area along the foreshore. This is especially great for a picnic dinner after a day at the beach!

The water here also stays nice and shallow for quite a distance. This makes it easier when visiting with younger kids as they can easily play in the shallows while you relax on the beach.

Not far from Rockingham Foreshore you will find Point Peron, a unique little beach that is great for snorkeling and fishing. This beach also has a viewing platform and is great for a coastal walk (as pictured)

5. Free Things to Do in Perth: Fremantle with Kids

The City of Fremantle is just 30 minutes from Perth City. It is filled with history and art, making it a great place to simply walk around. While it is typically normal to visit Fremantle for its café and bar scene, it also has a lot of Perth’s free things to do with kids.

You can head up to The Roundhouse, which was built back in the 1830s as a gaol. There is a nice grassed area here and on one side you get views of the ocean and the other has views of the city. From there walk or drive along the south mole to the South Mole Lighthouse. There is a lighthouse at the end of each, with the south being green and the north being red.

The Esplanade Park is located right in the middle of Fremantle. Here there is a huge playground and skate park that is great for kids. There is also a parkour park if you’re interested in that. The park is a nice place to enjoy a picnic while the kids enjoy the playground. This park is often filled with seagulls for your kids to chase!

The Fremantle Markets, open Friday – Sunday are great for walking through, especially on a rainy day. While they are free to walk through, be aware that you will most likely be tempted to buy something on your visit!

There are a lot of street art and murals scattered throughout the city so keep your eyes open for that!

You can also take the free CAT Buses to explore other areas of Fremantle.


Finding free things to do around Perth often involves kid friendly outdoor adventures. With all the natural beauty of our home city, you can easily fill your day without having to spend money on your family outing. These free things to do are great for families on a budget or for those that like to get out and adventure often!

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