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Ultimate Guide to Camping with Your Family

Taking your family on a camping holiday can be one of the best ways to experience the outdoors, especially in Western Australia. However, as with all travel, you need to be prepared for your camping trip with kids.

Whether this is your first time camping with your family, or you’re looking for tips after a failed attempt, this post will run through everything you need for your camping trip. No one wants to get halfway to their destination just to realise they forgot something. So, you’ll need a good camping checklist to help you plan a fun and enjoyable trip!

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    Why Should we Go on a Family Camping Trip?

    Camping with your family is basically an iconic Aussie tradition. If you have never done it before, the idea of going camping with kids may seem overwhelming! But, here are some of the reasons that a camping trip is the ideal holiday for your family.

    Camping is Budget Friendly

    Travel is expensive. Especially when you have multiple kids to take along.

    Camping is far more affordable than a grand overseas trip. You can go camping locally, so you don’t have to pay for flights. Campground costs are much lower than staying in a hotel. And there will often be facilities to cook your own food.

    While the initial cost of getting camping gear can be quite high, once you are set up you have what you need for many trips into the future!

    A Camping Trip is a Great Way to Travel Locally

    Aside from camping locally being a cheaper way to holiday, there are many reason that camping is a great way to travel locally.

    When camping locally you are able to support the local economy. Because you’re saving money on transportation and accommodation, you’ll be able to enjoy a nice lunch out or visit a local attraction!

    Camping locally also takes less time than going overseas, so it’s great for families who have to navigate around school and work schedules.

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    You’ll Have Quality Family Time While Camping

    Camping is a great way to spend quality time with your family. When camping, you’ll be in close quarters with each other and have everyday to spend together.

    It’s a great way to get away from daily routine and technology to just focus on the family.

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    Camping is a Great Way to Spend Time Outdoors

    When we are at home, we don’t often spend time outdoors. While camping, you are basically living outdoors! You get to wake up to the sound of wind in the trees, sit around a campfire at night and visit beautiful sites you have never been to before.

    Spending so much time outside also means that you’ll be much more active! Between setting up the tent, walking further to the bathroom and exploring nature the extra physical activity will have you feeling healthy.

    Tent set up for a family camping trip in Collie- Where We Are Headed

    Tips for Planning a Family Camping Trip

    Okay, so often the hardest part about going camping is all the preparation that needs to be done. Here are some of the things you’ll need to consider when planning for a camping trip.

    When to Go on Your Family Camping Trip

    Choosing when to go can be determined by many factors. The most common things to consider when choosing when to go on your family camping trip include:

    • Weather at the Destination
    • School Holidays
    • Peak Season
    • Your Availability

    What Type of Camping Trip is Best for Your Family

    There are many different styles of camping, and choosing what is best for your family is essential for successful camping holiday. Here are some of the different types of camping trips that you may consider:

    • Tent Camping
    • RV/ Caravan Camping
    • Camping at Caravan Parks
    • Camping in National Parks
    • Freedom Camping
    • Glamping
    • Car Camping

    Where to Go for Your Family Camping Trip

    Choosing where to go on your camping trip will depend a lot upon your preferred style of camping and what is available at your top destinations.

    You’ll also need to consider what activities and sights you want to see on your trip. Do you love the beach? Interested in fishing? Love visiting museums? Want to go hiking?

    What to Pack on Your Family Camping Trip

    I’ve actually compiled a complete Family Camping Checklist with all the essentials you’ll need for your trip. But here are some of the basic areas you’ll need to consider:

    • Accommodation (tent, campervan, etc)
    • Sleeping Gear
    • Food, water & cooking supplies
    • Clothing & personal items
    • Gear for activities (eg. beach, fishing, hiking)

    Note: You’ll also need to consider how you will get everything to your campsite! Will your car have enough space? Do you need a roof rack or trailer?

    What to Do on Your Camping Trip

    The last thing to consider when planning your family camping trip is what you plan to do during your stay.

    If you plan on exploring National Parks, you may need to purchase a National Park Pass before you leave home!

    The same goes if you plan on booking any tours. Booking in advance can save you from being disappointed if there is no availability during your stay.

    Family Camping Tips & Tricks

    If this is your first time camping with kids, then here are some simple tips for camping with your family.

    • Plan to arrive before dark!
    • Keep routines from home
    • Cook simple & easy meals
    • Less is more… don’t over pack!
    • Make the road trip fun & sightsee along the way
    • Remove the technology once you arrive
    • Try put little ones to sleep in a seperate area
    • Place mats on sandy ground
    • Use a bucket of water and wipes to keep kids clean
    • Have entertainment planned for after evening showers

    I’d also suggest camping close to home, especially if this is your first family camping trip. If the trip you have planned is far away from home, then do a trial trip (1-2 nights) close to home. Alternatively, you could try camping in your backyard before you leave!

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      Our Favourite Family Camping Spots in Western Australia

      Western Australia is filled with incredible places to go camping! Here are our favourite spots for camping in Western Australia:

      Australia’s South West

      This region has so many incredible places to stop at, making it the ideal place to go on a camping road trip. There are also lots of things to do for free, making Australia’s South West for families on a budget camping holiday.

      Our favourite places to go camping in Australia’s South West:

      Australia’s Coral Coast

      Heading north of Perth is Australia’s Coral Coast. It’s a great region to experience the Ningaloo Reef and amazing beaches Western Australia has to offer!


      While taking your family camping might not be the easiest holiday, it will be one of the most memorable. Even when everything doesn’t go to plan, going through it with your family is one of the best ways to strengthen your bond.

      However, if you prepare for your trip and plan out what you need for family camping, taking the kids camping can be a relaxing and simple way to holiday.

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