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Why Your Family Should Travel in Your Own “Backyard”

When we think of travel we often dream of far-off places and jet setting around the world. But the reality is, for many families this simply isn’t achievable. However, travelling locally and exploring your own “backyard” is a great way for your family to travel more!

Additionally, with COVID-19 no one knows when travel restrictions will allow us to travel internationally again. Travelling overseas might not be an option for your family holidays for a long time still.  So for those of us who love to travel, it’s time to get creative with our adventure plans and start making local travel more common.

Why Your Family Should Travel in Your Own Backyard - The Common Adventure

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What does it mean to travel in your own “backyard”?

First of all, travel doesn’t always mean taking an international holiday. It is about discovering new places and having experiences that take us away from our everyday routine. So, you don’t need to take a flight in order to travel, you can simply explore somewhere new in your local area. You can be a tourist in your own city and have a staycation somewhere close to home.

While you can certainly have a night camping in your literal backyard, travelling in your own “backyard” means travelling close to your home!

I recently discovered that there are so many places close to home that I have never visited. Only a few weeks ago I finally made it out to one of Perth City’s most photographed landmarks, the Blue Boat House. Even though people from other countries love to come see it, many locals have never even been!

Why should you travel in your own backyard?

As a local, we often put off visiting attractions in our own city, because we assume we can visit at “any time.” But putting in the effort to explore your hometown has so many benefits for your family and home. It is also a great alternative to travelling internationally. Here are the reasons why you should travel locally.

1. Local Travel is Budget Friendly

Travelling locally is great for families on a tight budget. Since you already live in the area, you won’t need to book expensive flights to get to your destination.

Saving on airfares often means that you have more money for fun activities and eating out.

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2. It’s Good for Large Families

Since travelling local saves money on airfares, this is a particularly achievable option for large families. While airfares can be expensive, the cost increases significantly per child in the family. For large families it is much more affordable to pile everyone into one car.

Having a staycation is also a great option for large families since there is generally less travel involved. We all know that the travel part of a holiday is not always the best, and travelling with multiple kids is even harder! Staying somewhere close to home is much easier for larger families.

3. Support the Local Economy

By travelling in your own backyard your family can also support the local economy. With the money saved on getting to the destination, you can enjoy a nice lunch at a local brewery or experience a local attraction.

4. Travel in Your Own Backyard is Easier to Plan

Since you aren’t travelling far and you’re staying within your own country, which you are familiar with, there is a lot less planning involved. There is no need to organise travel visas, passports or a detailed itinerary. Just make sure your accommodation is booked, pack your bags and you’re ready to go!

5. Travelling Locally Takes Less Time

For families who need to plan their holidays around school, work and life schedules finding a time to go can be difficult! By travelling in your own backyard it is much easier to go for a weekend getaway or even just take a day trip to somewhere new.

6. Easier to go Camping

If you love spending time in the outdoors, taking a camping trip from home is much easier than in another country. Camping is also a very affordable way to travel for many families, because once you have the gear you are all set to go!

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7. Appreciate Your Home More

I have noticed that the more I see and experience around my home, the more I appreciate where I live! When you travel in your own backyard you can start to see places in a new light as you discover hidden gems around your home.

8. Option for Adventure When You Can’t Fly

Finally, travelling locally is a great option for people who cannot fly. This is great for families with a new baby, are pregnant or have medical reasons for not being able to fly.

Travelling in your own backyard is also a great option during a pandemic and travel restrictions haha!

being a local tourist in home city of Perth

How to Find Travel Adventures in Your Own “Backyard”

So we have looked at why your family should travel in your own backyard, but now we need to make it happen!

There are so many ways to add adventure in your life by travelling in your own backyard; you just need to get a little creative. Here are some ways to find adventure in your local area:

1. Visit Your Local Tourism Website

Your local tourism website is a great place to get ideas for things to do around your home. We love to use this option to find seasonal activities and events that are happening in our local area.

Tourism WA also is our go to spot for finding new attractions that have opened, such as the Kalbarri Skywalk (which we hope to visit later this year!)

2. Use a Map to Find Somewhere New to Go

When I am craving a little adventure, I love to open up Google Maps on my phone and try spot little places that I haven’t been before. I now have a few places to visit, not too far from home!

3. Browse Instagram or Pinterest for Ideas

Once I have an idea of a new place or area to explore, I usually head to Instagram to search the location. This is a great way to find more specific things to do in the area and get an idea of what to expect! Since Instagram is all about the photos, it is a great source of inspiration for your local adventures. You can also use location specific hashtags to discover more to do in the area.

Pinterest is another great platform for finding ideas and inspiration for local travel. I love that it will link you to blog posts full of information on the destination or activity!

4. Put Together a Local Travel Bucket List

I now have so many different things on my travel bucket list, all within my home state. You can keep this list simple with things to experience on a day trip, or it can be a little more elaborate and involve a few days away. Having a local travel bucket list is useful for when you decide its time for a new adventure and need inspiration for what to do!

Some of the top things I want to experience are hiking Bluff Knoll and to see the kangaroo’s on the beach in Lucky Bay, Esperance.

5. Set Aside Regular Time to Getaway

One of the hardest parts about making travel happen is having the time to go! The best thing you can do is to set aside regular time to getaway. Since Jason is a school teacher we like to make sure we travel during every school holidays, even if this means taking day trips from home.

Writing down when you want to go is another great way to make travel happen. When you decide where you want to go, set a date in your calendar!

6. Try a New Outdoor Activity

Even if you have been somewhere many times before, try to experience it in a different way! For instance, instead of going for a walk along the river, try paddle boarding on the water or going for a bike ride through the area. Don’t be afraid to try something new, you might discover a new hobby that you love!

7. Ask Friends & Family for Suggestions

If you are having a hard time finding new places in your local area, ask your friends and family for their suggestions! People will often have their own little ‘secret spots’ that you have never heard of before. They might also have some local insight into the beauty of some less known locations in your area.

8. Enjoy What the Local Community has to Offer

Finally, heading out to the local farmers market, having a picnic in the park or enjoying a coffee at a local café are all great ways to add a little more adventure into your life!

When you start travelling locally, you might be surprised by the places you discover in your own backyard! So, if your looking for affordable ways to add a little more adventure to your life, start by exploring more of your home.

Are you ready to find more travel adventures in your own backyard?

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