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Travelling Singapore with a Baby

Singapore was the first international destination we travelled to as a family. It was also our first time ever flying with a baby! Our time in Singapore was a part of a trip for my parents 25th Wedding Anniversary where we spent 3 days here before cruising through South East Asia. Being able to travel with our 6-month old baby, the first grandson, made this family time in Singapore even more special! 

I must admit, I didn’t really think too much about travelling internationally with a baby for the first time. While there were definitely times that were challenging, overall I loved the experience! The flight to Singapore from Perth took just over 5 hours. I had Koby on my lap most of time so I was very thankful that I managed to get him to sleep for a bit, lying out on my legs.

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Where to Stay in Singapore with Baby

During our time in Singapore, we stayed at the Festive Hotel in Resort World Sentosa. I was very thankful when we arrived here after a few hours of travelling!

Festive Hotel is very family-friendly and a great place to stay if you are travelling to Singapore with kids. We had a crib supplied for us since we were travelling with a baby. Festive Hotel is also the only hotel in Resort World that has a kid’s pool! However the day we wanted to go it was closed because of stormy weather.

Being a part of Resort World our complimentary breakfast was outside of our hotel area and located in another section of the resort. We counted up a lot of steps walking around the huge Resort World to the different restaurants and attractions in the area. So if you are travelling with a baby, it is a good idea to take a pram to help you get around!

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Our Experience Travelling Singapore with a Baby

During our time in Singapore we managed to experience so much! The only thing I regret is not going somewhere to try the local food.

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Note: Our time in Singapore was broken up with our cruise, which also returned to Singapore halfway as we booked a back-to-back cruise. So to be clear, we spent 3 days on Sentosa Island before boarding our cruise. Halfway through we returned to Singapore for a port day where we went to Gardens by the Bay. Then the day our cruise ended we had a few hours to spend in Singapore so we decided to visit the ArtScience Museum. Based on our experience I have put together this family friendly 3-day itinerary for Singapore, which makes the most sense if you are planning at trip here! Okay, back to the post!

Universal Studios Singapore with a Baby

During our time travelling Singapore we found many things to do with a baby. Visiting Universal Studios with a baby certainly wasn’t easy, but we definitely had a great time! Since we were there with family, they were helpful with baby watching duties which meant we could enjoy some of the rides together.

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After a fun day on all the rides, we made sure we spent some quiet time with Koby inside the theme park. We found a quite spot near the water where we could enjoy the views and Koby could watch the fountain. Then we stopped in at Starbucks for some air-conditioned time and a little relax. Taking the time to slow down and spend time together was just as good as all the rides!

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Exploring Singapore with a Baby

Over our short stay in Singapore we managed to spend a day exploring the city! We also visited several attractions that are suitable for kids, which you should add to your Singapore itinerary. Getting around Singapore is actually very easy, even when travelling with a baby.

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Singapore’s MRT (train) with a Baby

Taking public transport is the most affordable way to get around the city. Most of the train lines have elevators available for prams, for when you need to change levels. It is also a very safe metro system, with a door system that only open once the train has arrived.

Taxi in Singapore with a Baby

When taking a taxi in Singapore with your baby, you are not required to have a car seat. This makes it easier if you are spending the day travelling around Singapore and are not able to take a carseat along for your baby. However, if you are using Grab you will need a carseat.

Walking Around Singapore with a Baby

Singapore is a very walkable city, with decent footpaths that a great for taking your baby in the pram. Walking around Singapore is also a great way to enjoy the sights and keep your baby entertained while you explore.

SEA Aquarium, Singapore with a Baby

The SEA Aquarium is the perfect spot to escape the Singapore heat and let your baby have a nap while you have some fun! We spent a few hours walking through this aquarium and once Koby when Koby was awake he loved watching all the sea life!

woman and baby at SEA Aquarium in Singapore, a the top things to do with kids

Adventure Cove Waterpark with a Baby

Our day at Adventure Cove Waterpark was surprising relaxing! Even though we were there with a baby, it was a great way to escape the Singapore heat. We all loved floating down the lazy river with Koby splashing in the water!

Garden’s by the Bay with a Baby

Garden’s by the Bay was actually my favourite spot in Singapore to visit when travelling with a baby! Being air-conditioned Koby was able to take a nap while we explored the amazing attraction.

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Art Science Museum, Singapore with a Baby

We also spent a few hours at the Art Science Museum. While this would be an incredible place to visit with young kids, it was still a lot of fun with a baby! Koby enjoyed all the lights and colour in the Future World Exhibition and loved getting to crawl around on the interactive attractions.


Travelling to Singapore with a 6-month old baby was a totally new experience for us but one that is filled with fun family memories. Overall, Singapore is a great place to travel with a baby, especially if you wondering where to go for their first holiday!

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