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Complete Guide to Travelling Singapore with a Baby

Singapore was the first international destination we travelled to as a family. Our flight to Singapore was also our first time ever flying with a baby! I must admit, I didn’t really think too much about travelling internationally with a baby for the first time. While there were definitely times that were challenging, overall I loved the experience!

First of all, if you’re looking for a baby friendly destination to take your child on their first holiday, Singapore is a very baby-friendly place to visit. We found that travelling Singapore was very easy with our baby and have been twice with kids!

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Singapore with your Baby Overview

If you’ve already started planning your trip to Singapore, then jump ahead to what you’re looking for!

What to Know Before you Go

As already mentioned, Singapore is a very baby-friendly travel destination. However, there are a few things you should be prepared for prior to your family holiday in Singapore.

How long to visit Singapore with a Baby

While Singapore is only a small island country, there are plenty of things to do! I’d highly recommend planning your trip for a minimum of 3 days. You could easily have enough things to do for up to a week long trip, depending on how large your travel budget is. Here’s a sample itinerary for 3 days in Singapore with your family.

Passport & Visas

Obviously, if you’re travelling internationally you’ll need to make sure you obtain a Passport for your baby (and yourself) prior to your trip! Depending on the country you’re visiting from, you may also be required to purchase a visa before being allowed in the country.

Singapore is Expensive

In general, Singapore is considered an expensive country to visit. Overall we found that the public transportation was incredibly affordable, food was mid-range and attractions & accommodation were very pricy.

Consider your budget when planning your trip to Singapore to help you decide how long to visit, where to stay and what to do with your family.

Singapore is a hot & humid country

Please note that as Singapore is located in SE Asia, it is a very hot and humid country. While you’ll be able to escape some of the heat in air-conditioned buildings, it is best to come prepared with the appropriate clothing and gear.

Breastfeeding in Public in Singapore

If your baby is breastfed, you’re probably curious if it is acceptable to feed in public while in Singapore. Singapore has a law that states that “indecent exposure and appearing nude in public are criminal offences.” However, if you are appropriately covered, breastfeeding mothers are unlikely to fall in this category.

Where to Stay in Singapore with Baby

Despite being a small island, there are a lot of areas you can stay in Singapore. Accommodation prices tend to be one of the biggest expenses when travelling to Singapore, so I’ve included some quick links to some hotels for different budgets.

  • Budget  Ibis Budget Singapore Imperial: Only a 5-minute walk from Lavender MRT Station, the Ibis Budget Singapore Imperial has a rooftop swimming pool and free parking.
  • Mid-Range – Mercure Singapore Tyrwhitt: With newly renovated rooms, the Mercure Singapore Tyrwhitt offers a timeless, comfortable and modern stay. Only 600m from Little India, there are also 2 MRT stations within walking distance.
  • Luxury – Pan Pacific Singapore: A 5-star hotel, the Pan Pacific Singapore is located in Singapores Business District. Garden’s by the Bay is only 1.1km away and the MRT is easily accessible.

Browse all Singapore Accommodation here

Best area to stay in Singapore with a Baby

I’ve now visited Singapore on 3 occasions, each time staying in a different area. Overall, I’ve found that so long as you have access to the MRT you can easily get around the city and to any attractions you want to visit. However, there are a few areas of Singapore that are better suited to stay in with a baby.

Sentosa Island

Probably the most expensive area of Singapore to stay in, but the best in terms of a luxurious and a relaxing holiday due to plenty of resort-styled accommodation options. As Resort World is located on Sentosa Island you’ll be close to some incredible baby friendly attractions. Here are some of the best baby-friendly hotels & resorts on Sentosa Island:

Marina Bay Sands

Also a very expensive area of Singapore, staying in the Marina Bay Sands area will place you in the centre of the city. You’ll have easy access to the best attractions like Gardens by the Bay, as well as plenty of places to eat and wander.

Little India

Little India is the most colourful and vibrant area of Singapore. If you don’t choose to stay in this neighbourhood, it is definitely worth a visit! You’ll also be able to find some more affordable accommodation options here.


A cultural and culinary hotspot of Singapore, Chinatown is one of the more affordable areas to stay with your baby. If you don’t choose to stay here, make sure you visit the Maxwell Hawkers Market located in Chinatown.

How to Get Around Singapore with a Baby

Over our short stay in Singapore we managed to spend a day exploring the city! We also visited several attractions that are suitable for kids, which you should add to your Singapore itinerary. Getting around Singapore is actually very easy, even when travelling with a baby.

Singapore’s MRT (train) with a Baby

Taking public transport is the most affordable way to get around the city. Most of the train lines have elevators available for prams, for when you need to change levels. It is also a very safe metro system, with a door system that only open once the train has arrived.

Hot Tip: You can simply use your credit/debit card to tap on an off the MRT rather than purchasing individual tickets.

Taxi in Singapore with a Baby

When taking a taxi in Singapore with your baby, you are not required to have a car seat. This makes it easier if you are spending the day travelling around Singapore and are not able to take a carseat along for your baby. However, if you are using Grab you will need a carseat.

Baby car seat in Singapore

Children under the height of 1.35cm are required to use a carseat in Singapore. Taxis are exempt from this law so you will be able to use them without th need for a carseat for your baby.

However, if you plan to use Gojek or Grab during your stay (two alternative car transit options) you WILL NEED to have your baby in a carseat as they are privately owned vehicles and are not exempt from the carseat law.

Walking Around Singapore with a Baby

Singapore is a very walkable city, with decent footpaths that a great for taking your baby in the pram. Walking around Singapore is also a great way to enjoy the sights and keep your baby entertained while you explore.

Using a baby stroller in Singapore

A common question about travelling to Singapore with a baby is, is Singapore stroller friendly? From our experience, yes! We walked all over Singapore with our pram and only faced a few incidents where we had to carry it up/down some stairs. Overall, there were lifts available, cross walks, wide and smooth footpaths.

Things to do in Singapore with a Baby

During our stay we found that there are plenty of baby-friendly places to visit in Singapore. When we visited for the second time with our kids, we discovered even more places to bring kids who at the time were 1 year old and 5 years old! Here’s our complete list of things to do with kids in Singapore.

Universal Studios Singapore with a Baby

Visiting Universal Studios with a baby certainly wasn’t easy, but we definitely had a great time! Make sure to read through my complete guide on visiting Universal Studios with a baby! You’ll find that despite your baby being unable to do all the rides, you’ll still have an incredibly fun time!

Check current ticket prices for Universal Studios Singapore.

SEA Aquarium, Singapore with a Baby

The SEA Aquarium is the perfect spot to escape the Singapore heat and let your baby have a nap while you have some fun! We spent a few hours walking through this aquarium and once Koby when Koby was awake he loved watching all the sea life!

Check ticket prices for SEA Aquarium Singapore

Adventure Cove Waterpark with a Baby

Our day at Adventure Cove Waterpark was surprising relaxing! Even though we were there with a baby, it was a great way to escape the Singapore heat. We all loved floating down the lazy river with Koby splashing in the water!

Check ticket prices for Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore

Garden’s by the Bay with a Baby

Garden’s by the Bay was actually my favourite spot in Singapore to visit when travelling with a baby! Being air-conditioned it’s a great place for your baby to take a nap or just escape the heat while exploring the amazing attraction.

Check ticket prices for Garden’s by the Bay Singapore

Art Science Museum, Singapore with a Baby

We also spent a few hours at the Art Science Museum. While this would be an incredible place to visit with young kids, it was still a lot of fun with a baby! Koby enjoyed all the lights and colour in the Future World Exhibition and loved getting to crawl around on the interactive attractions.

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Travelling to Singapore with a 6-month old baby was a totally new experience for us but one that is filled with fun family memories. Overall, Singapore is a great place to travel with a baby, especially if you wondering where to go for their first holiday!

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