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Ultimate Guide to Resort World Sentosa

If you are looking for somewhere to stay in Singapore, make sure you check out Resort World Sentosa. Situated on the Island of Sentosa, only minutes out of Singapore, Resort World offers family friendly activities for everyone to enjoy. However, Resort World Sentosa is unlike most resort styled accommodations. So, here is a guide to help you plan your stay!

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What to Expect at Resort World

Resort World Sentosa is huge, made up of multiple hotels. It is more than just your average resort. It is like a another world, filled with rich food, top of the end shopping, exciting adventures and exclusive hospitality. We felt like we had entered utopia during our stay at resort world, an exquisite but very expensive dreamland.

Here, your hotel is connected to the 47 restaurants, several forms of entertainment, transportation, and shopping opportunities. You can expect to have your complimentary breakfast outside of your hotel and in one of the many surrounding restaurants. 

There is free WIFI throughout the entire resort.

Singapore’s weather can be quite unpredictable, with heavy rainfall often occurring December – March and June – September. However, rain shouldn’t affect your stay here. Most of the outdoor areas of Resort World Sentosa have cover which helps you keep dry while moving around.

Getting Around Sentosa

Singapore has much more to offer, outside of Resort World Sentosa. Make sure you take the time to explore the sites and attractions around the island and on mainland Singapore. Staying at Resort World Sentosa has its perks when it comes to getting around the island.

Walking: Resort World Sentosa is quite large; so expect to do a lot of walking. If you are travelling with young kids, be sure to take a pram or baby carrier along. There are also various digital maps situated around the resort, which will show you the best route to your destination.

Sentosa Express: If you wish to head to the mainland Singapore or to other areas of Sentosa Island, you can take the Sentosa Express, a monorail train system. The Sentosa Express charges S$4 upon entry at Sentosa Station (on mainland Singapore). However, it is free to use within and exiting Sentosa Island.

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Where to Stay in Resort World Sentosa

Resort World Sentosa is made up of 8 different hotels, all connected to create one resort. Each hotel has its own accommodation and amenities to offer. During our stay on Sentosa Island we stayed at the Festive Hotel which is considered Resort Worlds most family friendly option.

Festive Hotel: The Festive Hotel is a family-friendly environment, making it the best place to stay when traveling with kids. You are situated in the heart of Resort World, locating you just minutes from Universal Studios, SEA Aquarium, Adventure Cove Waterpark, shopping and dining.

Loft beds are available in every deluxe family room, perfect for your children. A crib can also be supplied to accommodate families with babies. The Festive Hotel is also the only hotel in Resort World Sentosa that has a kids pool!

How Long to Stay

In order to experience everything Resort World Sentosa has to offer I recommend staying on the island for 3 days. This will allow enough time to see and do everything there is to offer while still having time to relax and enjoy yourself!

If you plan to explore mainland Singapore as well as Sentosa Island, you may want to consider booking a longer stay or other accommodation in the city.

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Things to Do

There are so many different things to do on Sentosa Island that are great for the whole family! Make sure you plan your activities ahead of time so you can book combination tickets for the attractions you want to visit!

Universal Studios: There is no better way to spend the day with your family, than at Universal Studios Singapore. With a variety of rides and shows for all ages, everyone will find something that they love! We even went to Universal Studios with our 6 month old baby! If you plan to visit with a young child, read our Tips for Visiting Universal Studios with a Baby.

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SEA Aquarium: As the largest Aquarium in the world, SEA Aquarium is home to more than 100,000 marine animals and over 1,000 species. It is easy to get around and accessible for a pram, making it the perfect way to spend a few hours with your kids.

Adventure Cove Waterpark: If you’re looking to spend the day keeping cool, in the warm and humid Singapore weather, Adventure Cove Waterpark is a great day for the whole family. You can relax on the lazy river or get your adventure thrill on the waterslides; there is something for everyone!

Retail: Resort World Sentosa is the optimal place for some retail therapy. It has a variety of high-end stores, along with stores for the kids, such as Lego, Hershey’s Chocolate World and Candylicious.

Sentosa Beach: Take the time to explore more of Sentosa Island and head on over to Sentosa Beach. Here you can relax at one of the many bars and restaurants. There are also plenty of adventure activities on offer such as zip lining, bungee jumping and indoor skydiving.

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Where to Eat

Resort World Sentosa has so many different places to eat at. There are Italian, Halal, Asian, Western and Japanese options, some of which are fine dining and others that are more family friendly. There are also plenty of places where you can stop to buy a drink or snack.

Some of our favorites include:

Tino’s Pizza Café: The perfect setting for families, Tino’s Pizza Café serves the tastiest handmade pizza.

Starbucks: I can never resist a good coffee and slice of something sweet! Starbucks also served some deliciously refreshing quinoa bowls.

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Overall, Resort World Sentosa is a great place to stay with your kids. There are plenty of family friendly activities and options for you to comfortable enjoy 3 or more days on the island. However, you should be prepared for the expensive cost of attractions and dining and have a budget to suit your plans.

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