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Complete Guide to the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk with Kids

The Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk is a popular nature-based tourism attraction within Australia’s South West Region. The Tree Top Walk is located in amongst the unique tingle trees, found nowhere else in the world. The tingle trees are a form of eucalyptus and are the biggest timber trees on earth. The Tree Top Walk allows you to ascend 40 meters above ground, on a lightweight suspension bridge, to walk through the forest canopy. The bridge is designed to move as you walk to make you feel as if you are moving with the wind in the trees.

A visit to the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk is a great family-friendly activity, for kids of all ages. There is so much nature for them to explore, Koby had the best time running along the bridge and through the trees! If you are staying in the area, be sure to add this iconic attraction to your holiday bucket list of things to do!

How to Get to The Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk

Located in the Walpole-Nornalup National Park, the Tree Top Walk is 15-minutes east of Walpole and 40-minutes west of Denmark. If you plan to visit the Valley of the Giants from Perth, it will take you approximately 4.5 hours to get here. It is a popular feature on many extended couch tour itineraries that you can book from Perth.  

man and child walking at the valley of the giants tree top walk

When to Go & How Long to Stay

When to Go

The best time to visit is during the summer months, when rain is less likely. As the region has relatively mild weather all year round, everything will still be green during the warmer months. However, during the summer school holidays the Tree Top Walk is a very popular tourist destination, attracting large numbers of people.

If you are hoping to visit with fewer crowds, be sure to arrive earlier in the day. Alternatively, try to visit during the shoulder season when the weather is still fine and school is in session.

In saying that, our visit to the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk was during the summer school holiday. We arrived early afternoon and, although there were a number of other tourists there, we didn’t feel like it was too crowded. We simply had to be patient when it came to taking photos without other people on them.

How Long to Stay

It does not take long to complete the Tree Top Walk circuit; you can easily experience everything there is to do in 1 hour. To make it worth your money, complete the circuit twice. With such stunning views it is worth the time!

Go around more than once for a higher value for money!

woman looking over the edge at the valley of the giants tree top walk

What to Expect at The Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk

Attractions to See & Do

The Tree Top Walk itself is a 600m long walk through the tops of the trees. The walk is very easy and accessible for children of all ages. It is also suitable for families with prams or people with wheelchairs. This is the only attraction that you need to pay for at The Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk.

The Tree Top Walk is an accessible attraction!

Cost:  $21 per adult | $10.50 per child (aged 6 – 16)

If you descend to the boardwalks below, you can explore the Ancient Empire Walk. This walk is free of charge and allows you to walk along the forest ground, surrounded by the tingle trees. Here you can walk through the base of the worlds largest eucalyptus tree!

The Gift Shop & Information Centre is well stocked with locally sourced products, artwork and souvenirs for you to remember your experience. We had a great time browsing through the shop! There is also a Discovery Centre with a lot of information about the forest area.


The Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk is fully facilitated with toilets, bike racks and a range of parking options for people travelling with caravans or by coach. They will also offer complementary wheelchair and stroller hire if needed!

On our visit to the Tree Top Walk, during the summer school holidays there was a coffee van located at the entrance, near the car park.

Value for Money

As mentioned earlier ticket prices for the Tree Top Walk are relatively high. I suggest making the most of your money and experiencing as much as possible during your visit. Family discounts are available.

Tips for The Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk with Kids

1. Go on the Walk More than Once

I know I have mentioned this tip already, as a way to get more value for your money, but take your kids around the Tree Top Walk more than once! They will love exploring nature and challenging themselves at high heights… and going around twice will burn up all their energy for the car ride home!

2. Play Peekaboo & Tag Through the Hollow Tree

Along the Ancient Empire Walk there are two hollowed out trees. Being able to walk through a tree will fascinate your kids. We played peekaboo and tag with Koby, as he ran under the giant tingle tree.

3. Join in the Holiday Activity Programs

During the school holidays (excluding winter) the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk host nature-based activities for both children and adults to enjoy. Some of the popular activities include the Forest by Night and the Adventure Bug Hunt. Be sure to check out their website for their latest holiday program.

man and child playing in the tingle trees at the valley of the giants tree top walk

Photography Tips for The Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk

1. Let Your Kids Explore on Their Own

By letting your kids explore on their own, you have a great opportunity to get candid photos of their experience. Little one-year-old Koby walked the entire Tree Top Walk and Ancient Empire Walk, all on his own, and we got so many cute photos of him along the way.

2. Use Leading Lines on the Bridge

Each section of the suspension bridge is long and straight. Taking a photo using these lines makes for a great way to bring your viewers eye to the subject of the photo. It also emphasizes the length of each section of the Tree Top Walk!

3. Visit When Overcast or Low Lighting

If you are looking to take quality images at the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk, you need to plan your visit for optimal lighting. On a sunny day the trees cast a lot of shadows, making it difficult to get well-balanced images. So, plan your visit when the sun is still low in the sky or for an overcast day.

4. Let Your Child Lead the Way

On our visit there was one photo that I had planned to capture, but was unable to. I wanted to take a photo of Koby leading me along the Tree Top Walk, with us holding hands. However, Mr. Independent didn’t want me near him and so I let it go (after one attempt that I have shared above).

5. Dare to Look Over the Edge

A photo that I recommend you capture on your visit here is to have your subject look over the edge. This helps to show the height and scale of the Tree Top Walk, as you look out over the giant tingle trees.

Where to Stay When Visiting The Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk


When we came to visit the Tree Top Walk we stayed in Denmark, 40-minutes away from the Valley of the Giants. Here we camped at Parry Beach Campground… it also happens to be our favourite campground in Western Australia! Camping is also a great way to save money on accommodation!

Denmark is a great place to stay, with a cute town and plenty of things to do in the area. If you are not looking to camp, there is also a range of other accommodation options available.

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On our visit to the Tree Top Walk we also stopped in the town of Walpole for some food. There is a nice little bakery there, as well as a number of coffee shops. The town itself is much smaller than Denmark, but is only 15-minutes from the Valley of the Giants.

Walpole also has a range of accommodation options available. The most appropriate one being the Tree Top Walk Motel.


Being a much large town, Albany has many more accommodation option available, while being within a day trip distance to the Tree Top Walk. A visit to the Tree Top Walk is a very popular day trip for tourist, but it will take you over an hour to reach the Valley of the Giants.


Overall, we loved our visit to the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk. It was so fun to watch Koby be so independent as he explored and walked the whole track on his own. However, while I am happy we came here, considering the high cost for entrance, I probably wouldn’t need to go again.

If you are unsure if it is worth your money, you can always come and experience the Ancient Empire Walk for free before deciding if you want to pay for the Tree Top Walk.


  • Amanda
    February 11, 2020 at 8:49 am

    This tree top walk in Australia looks so cool! I’d love to visit someday. Great guide!

    • Megan
      February 11, 2020 at 2:13 pm

      Thanks so much! You will have to come visit Western Australia then!

  • Lauren
    February 11, 2020 at 4:05 am

    This looks amazing and like something my kids would LOVE! And honestly, me too! Especially the huge hollow tree.

    • Megan
      February 11, 2020 at 2:14 pm

      Haha yes! It is a great place for both kids and parents alike. There is nothing better than walking through nature!


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