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The Best Places to See Autumn Leaves in Perth

Perth, or even Western Australia for that matter, is probably not the first place you think if when it comes to those beautiful red, orange and yellow autumn leaves. However, since it is such a rarity here, when you do find them they are all the more stunning! Finding autumn leaves also makes for a fun and unique photo opportunity, that would be a perfect addition to your Instagram feed.

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Update: We have plans to visit a few of these beautiful spots during the 2021 autumn season. Once we do, I’ll update this post with new photos and information about these locations.

When is Autumn in Perth?

Western Australia’s Autumn begins in March and lasts until the end of May. While this is the technical time for the season, the best time to see the autumn leaves in Perth varies.

Generally, the best time to see autumn leaves in Perth is in late April & through May.

mother and son during autumn in perth

Where to Find Autumn Leaves in Perth

There are only a limited number of places in Perth that are ideal for seeing the leaves change colour. So, if you find any other locations to add to this list, be sure to let me know!

Where to Find Autumn in Perth:

  • Raeburn Orchards
  • Hyde Park
  • Applecross

Raeburn Orchard in Autumn

Raeburn Orchard is arguably the best place to see autumn leaves in Perth. Quickly becoming popular through the many posts in Instagram, it’s easy to see why people flock to this location when the leaves change colour.

It is a functioning orchard, so they do charge a small entrance fee to help with the upkeep from the traffic. Also, be mindful when visiting to respect the property so it can continue function effectively!

Cost: $5 per adult (children under 12 are free)

The best time to visit Raeburn Orchards is in early May. However, when we went at the end of May there were still leaves left on the trees, so if you can’t make it till later there is no need to worry!

Opening Hours:
1st Dec – 30th June, Monday – Saturday (9:00am – 5:00pm)
1st July – 30th Nov, Monday, Wednesday – Sunday (9:00am – 5:00pm)

There is also a cafe and small store on the premises, so be sure to pick up some local produce on your visit!

Hot Tip: If you’re after professional photos with the autumn leaves, lots of Perth photographers will host mini sessions at Raeburn Orchard!

Autumn in Hyde Park, Perth

Hyde Park is an inner-city park in north Perth, nearby to Leederville. Located on Vincent St & William St it’s a great family-friendly location to see the autumn leaves.

Being a family-friendly park, this is a beautiful spot to come for a family picnic where you can enjoy nature, let the kids play at the playground and take a walk around the gorgeous lake surrounded by autumn trees. It is also dog friendly (so long as they are on a leash) so you can take your little pup along too!

Food & Coffee Near Hyde Park

If your looking for food or a coffee, there are a couple of good spots in the area.

Mary Street Bakery: Mary Street Bakery in Leederville has delicious donuts and other baked goods. It’s a great spot to get food for brunch and of course, coffee!

Chu Bakery: Located right across from Hyde Park, Chu’s is a convenient spot to get some food before heading into the park. Although it can be busy, with long queues, you’ll love the quality food and coffee they have to offer.

Food Vans: There are also several food vans that will show up around Hyde Park. What the Flip food van (a creperie) is definitely a favourite in the area!

Autumn in Applecross, Perth

Applecross is another location in Perth where you can see the beautiful autumn leaves. Specifically, you’ll want to visit Kintail Road & Ardross Street as these are both lined with trees that produce autumn colours.

The area has lots of cafes, boutiques and a bookshop so you can easily spend a morning exploring, taking some photos and stopping for brunch!

Photography Tips for Capturing Autumn Leaves

If you’re on the hunt for autumn leaves for the pretty photos, you’ll want to be prepared with these autumn photography tips.

  • The Lighting is Important: When taking photos amongst autumn trees, the last thing you want is harsh lighting. For the best lighting you’ll want to take photos when it is overcast, in the early morning or even during golden hour. Each lighting situation will give you a different style of photos, so choose your favourite!
  • What You Wear Matters: You are putting in the effort to take photos of the autumn leaves, so make sure you wear clothes that complement them! You want to make the leaves the main feature, contrasting colours will take away from the beautiful autumn colours. So, make sure you wear clothes with neutral or autumn tones!
  • Make the Photo Interesting: Try throwing the fallen leaves into the air to make taking photos fun for your kids! Not only is this interesting, but you’ll be making fun memories while you capture the moment.
  • Use Props: Using props is a great way to make memories and highlight the moment. A blanket can make the photo look cosy. You can pack a picnic basket and enjoy some food while you take some photos. An umbrella can make the photo interesting, while being useful if it happens to rain!


Choosing where to go see the autumn leaves in Perth really comes down to what sort of experience you’re after. Consider if you are just looking to take some photos, if you want to spend time in nature or if your interested in a family day out!

No matter where you choose to go, you’ll love experiencing the rarity of autumn here in Perth!

Remember, if you find any other places in Perth – let me know!

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