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The Ultimate Perth to Kalbarri Road Trip Itinerary

Travelling from Perth to Kalbarri is an incredible road trip, that can easily be completed all in one day. There are plenty of beautiful places to stop before you reach Kalbarri and you can easily turn it into a multi-day road trip if you desire. Once you reach Kalbarri you’ll be treated to some of the most spectacular natural areas in Western Australia.

Read on for all you need to know about driving to Kalbarri on an epic road trip.

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Getting to Kalbarri from Perth

The best way to get to Kalbarri from Perth is by car. As the drive from Perth to Kalbarri is sealed the whole way, you won’t need a 4WD. 

However, if you plan on going off road or would like to be able to drive on the beach you may want to consider heading up to Kalbarri in a 4WD.

If you’re travelling from interstate or overseas and don’t have a car I’d recommend hiring one, as public transport to and within Kalbarri is non-existent.

Click here to compare prices on rental cars.

Note: Make sure to double check the car rental policies if you’d like to take your rental car onto any unsealed roads, such as in some of the National Parks – although the Kalbarri National Park is mostly sealed roads.

Distance from Perth to Kalbarri

Kalbarri is situated 570km north of Perth, Western Australia. It will take just over 6 hours to drive from Perth to Kalbarri all in one day. This will vary depending on if you are towing and how many times you choose to stop along the way.

While the drive to Kalbarri is easily doable in a single day, it can also be broken up. If you prefer not to drive long hours, simply choose a location from the itinerary below to stop for a night or two.

Perth to Kalbarri Road Trip Map

The most scenic route you can take to Kalbarri is along the Indian Ocean Drive. Click the image below for an interactive map which includes the best places to stop on your way to Kalbarri.

Flights from Perth to Kalbarri

If you’re looking to fly from Perth to Kalbarri, you’ll have to take a flight from Perth to Geraldton Airport (near Exmouth). There are no direct flights from to Coral Bay from Perth.

From there you will either need to hire a car – which you’ll want while you’re in Kalbarri!

Best time to visit Kalbarri

This area is great throughout the year, with the best being March – May.

December – May is generally a warmer and dryer time of the year, making it better weather to enjoy all of the outdoor activities. Please note though, if you plan to do a lot of hiking it can get VERY hot out on the trails during this time of year. 

We recently visited in July, which is the middle of Winter. Although the nights were cold, the days were beautiful and great for exploring! However, you should expect some rain if you choose to visit during the winter months.

Perth to Kalbarri Road Trip Itinerary

If you’d like to visit all the spots on this itinerary, I’d recommend setting aside 2-3 days for your road trip up to Kalbarri.

While you could visit each location on the itinerary all in one day, it wouldn’t be enough time to make the most of each destination. Alternatively, you can choose the places that interest you most and build your own itinerary to suit your travel time frame.

You can also use this itinerary in reverse as you drive back to Perth. That way you could split up the attractions you visit between each direction you travel.

Lancelin Sand Dunes

Lancelin Sand Dunes are only 1.5 hours out of Perth and a great spot for your first road trip stop. You could also choose to visit this location seperate from your road trip if it doesn’t fit into your itinerary.

The sand dunes here are huge! You can explore the huge sand dunes on your own, hire a sand board to go sand boarding or join a quad bike tour to see even more!

Read the 5 star Quad Bike Tour reviews here!

The Pinnacles, Nambung National Park

The Pinnacles are limestone formations reaching up to 3.5 meters high, scattered through the Nambung National Park (near Cervantes).

You will need to pay the National Park Entrance fee of $17 (2024) per vehicle. If you plan to enter multiple national parks (such as the Kalbarri National Park) it may be worth purchasing a holiday pass rather than paying for a single day entrance.

There are also tours from Perth available for here that also include exploring the Lancelin Sand Dunes. View the prices and availability here.

Accommodation in Cervantes is limited. If you’re looking for a great place to stay on your road trip, I’d recommend the RAC Cervantes Caravan Park. It’s a great place to stay for families with both camping and cabin options.

Browse all Cervantes Accommodation options here.

Jurien Bay

Jurien Bay is another coastal town you’ll pass on your road trip to Kalbarri. As a small sea side town, Jurien Bay is best known for its sea lions that you can go swimming with! If you choose to stop here on your road trip, it would be worth booking a sea lion experience.

From Jurien Bay you can also go visit the Lesueur National Park where you can see native Australian wildflowers!

Located just 20 minutes north of Cervantes, Jurien Bay has a much larger range of accommodation and dining options. You may find it a better option as the first stop on your road trip (plus you can book in your Sea Lion experience for the morning before you leave!)

Browse all Jurien Bay Accommodation options here.


Geraldton is one of Western Australia’s largest cities, located 4.5 hours from Perth. Commonly known as a port city, it is also home to a large range of cafes, art galleries and beaches. There are also plenty of accommodation options available in Geraldton. 

While it isn’t necessarily a popular tourist destination, it can be a great place to stop on your way through to Kalbarri. 

Browse all Geraldton Accommodation options here.

Hutt Lagoon

As drive along the road into Kalbarri you’ll pass Hutt Lagoon, the incredible pink lake. Only 30 minutes out of Kalbarri it’s a great place to stop and stretch your legs before completing your road trip.

Make sure to read my full guide on Hutt Lagoon, with everything you need to know about visiting and how to best capture the pink lake.


You’ve finally made it to your destination – Kalbarri!

Now that you’ve made the 6+ hour journey, you’ll want at least 3 days to explore all that Kalbarri has to offer. Make sure to read my guide on the best things to do in Kalbarri so that so you don’t miss out on any incredible experiences.

Kalbarri National Park

One of the main reasons people come to Kalbarri is for the Kalbarri National Park (click the link for full guide on that). The two most common places to visit within the national park are the Kalbarri Skywalk and Natures Window. I’d highly recommend visiting these at sunrise, starting with the Kalbarri Skywalk (read my full guide here).

As you may be visiting a few national parks on your road trip, it might be worth getting a 5 or 14-day Holiday Park Pass. This is far better value than buying individual passes each time you want to enter a national park. 

Views from above of Kalbarri Skywalk

Where to stay in Kalbarri

Although it’s a small town, Kalbarri has plenty of accommodation options. You can read my full guide on where to stay in Kalbarri. You’ll find options including hotels, resorts, home stays and camping.

Alternatively, browse all Kalbarri Accommodation options here.

Continue along the Coral Coast or Return to Perth

While you might just plan to head to Kalbarri, I highly recommend continuing your road trip up to Coral Bay, or even Exmouth! I have a detailed itinerary for a road trip to Coral Bay which you can read here.

Otherwise, you can simply enjoy your time in Kalbarri before heading back to Perth. Make sure to stop at any destinations you missed on your way up!

Tips for your Kalbarri Road Trip

Before driving up to Kalbarri, there are a few road trip tips to keep in mind:

  1. Kangaroos: avoid driving between dusk and dawn if possible when road-tripping in Australia in general. Kangaroos and other wildlife are very active at this time of day.
  2. Phone Reception: The best provider is Telstra, however you’ll still find areas where you have no reception. Make sure you pre-download any maps or entertainment you need. If you need reception along the way, you are most likely to get it when passing through a town.
  3. Road speeds & overtaking: Road speeds to Kalbarri reach up to 110km. However, you will often find people driving much faster (or slower). Trucks and people who are towing are limited to 100km per hour. With people driving at a mix of speeds and very few dual lanes there is a lot of overtaking that happens on the road. Therefore, driving can become quite dangerous for those who aren’t confident behind the wheel.
  4. Be aware of slick roads: The road can become very slick and slippery from rainfall at any time of the year. We, unfortunately, witnessed an accident caused by slick roads and fog when leaving Kalbarri.


With so much to do and see on your road trip up to Kalbarri, you’ll need to plan your itinerary according to the amount of time you have! Start by choosing the destinations and attractions that you want to visit most, making sure you have enough time to make the drive comfortably. Don’t forget to leave enough time to explore all the best things to do in Kalbarri!

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