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Best Things to Do in Kalbarri, Western Australia

Kalbarri, Western Australia is a beautiful town on Australia’s Coral Coast filled with plenty of things to do. We absolutely loved exploring the sights in the Kalbarri National Park and enjoyed the many things to do in and around the town. Even with a 2 week stay we had plenty to do for a fun family holiday. So if you’re wondering what there is to do in this small coastal town, here’s your guide to the best tourist attractions and activities in Kalbarri.

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Things to do in Kalbarri Town

When people come to visit Kalbarri, they often think of all the things to see in the National Park. However, the town of Kalbarri has so many fun and family friendly activities to offer aside from the National Park.

Pelican Feeding

Every morning at 8:45am there is a free pelican feeding on the Kalbarri foreshore, opposite the Murchison Caravan Park (now owned by Tasman Holiday Parks). While the pelican feeding is free to observe, a gold coin donation is appreciated to help cover the cost of fish.

We went down to the feeding a few times during our stay, as it was across from our accommodation. On one of these occasions there were no pelicans that showed, so I’d advise having at least two days available to visit.

Kalbarri Community Markets

The Community Markets were a lovely surprise for us during our stay. Held every Monday during the school holidays, the Kalbarri Community Markets are located on the Foreshore near the Nature Playground. With everything from fresh food stalls, food trucks, coffee vans, pony rides, handmade jewellery and locally made arts and crafts, it’s a great way to spend the morning with your family!

You can stay up to date with the upcoming markets via the Community Markets Facebook Page.

Visit a Cafe

Although the Town of Kalbarri is relatively small there are three places you can go to grab a coffee and something to eat. My favourite is the Red Bluff Bakery, their pastries are incredible!

Red Bluff Bakery

As already mentioned, the pastries here are incredible! The Red Bluff Bakery is open early, from 4am – 7pm (these times may vary throughout the year). With such an early opening time it’s a great spot to grab some breakfast to enjoy while going for an early morning fish or watching the sunrise in the Kalbarri National Park!

The Gorges Cafe

The Gorges Cafe is situated by the river and open for breakfast & lunch. You’ll be able to get a range of food including cakes, breakfast options, great coffee and burgers.

Just note: The Gorges Cafe is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

The Pelican Cafe

The Pelican Cafe is opposite the daily pelican feeding, making it a great spot to grab some breakfast after you’ve watched the pelicans have some fish!

It’s open daily from 7am for breakfast. lunch and coffee, with options to dine outdoors or inside.

Canoe the Murchison River

Kalbarri Canoe Safaris & Boat Hire offer both canoe safaris and boat hire options for families looking to enjoy some time on the Murchison River. Other options for a canoeing experience on the Murchison River is to book a tour through Kalbarri Tour Adventures.

Hire a Boat

If you’d like to hire a powered boat you’ll need to head down to the beach front as their hire is weather dependent and they don’t take bookings. This can also be done at the Kalbarri Canoe Safaris & Boat Hire.

Kalbarri River boat hire

Enjoy a River Cruise

One of the best things to do in Kalbarri is to enjoy the Murchison River from the water on a boat tour. With both morning cruise and sunset cruise options you’ll be able to take in the beauty and history of the river at your preferred time of day.

Read the 5 star reviews and book your tour today!

Beach Day

Being on the coastline, Kalbarri has plenty of beaches to spend your day at. Our personal favourite is to head down to the river beach where the water is shallow and great for kids to play in. The best beach options in Kalbarri include:

  • Port Gregory Beach.
  • Chinaman’s Beach.
  • Jakes Point.

Try your luck at Jetty Fishing

There are two jetties in Kalbarri where you can go jetty fishing: The Kalbarri Jetty and Fishermans Wharf jetty. Jetty fishing is a great activity to do as a family. Your kids will love it, even if you don’t catch anything worth keeping!

Head out for some Beach Fishing

Beach fishing is a super popular activity to do in Kalbarri. There are plenty of beaches that are great for fishing. We really enjoyed Chinaman’s Beach for fishing with kids!

You may want to consider purchasing a local fishing guide at the visitor centre in town.

Go Whale Watching

From June till mid November Kalbarri is an incredible place to see whales! We saw so many pods from the coastline during our stay in July. While you can definitely experience the whales in Kalbarri from the coastline, jumping on a Whale Watching Tour will mean you can see them up close!

Check booking availability here, to see if there are dates available for your trip.

walk along the Kalbarri Coastline

Take a Riverside Walk

In the town of Kalbarri, there is a path that follows the Murchison River. While providing beautiful views, it’ll take you past playgrounds and up to the Back Beach Sunrise point which provides incredible views over the inlet.

Go Lobster Catching

Kalbarri is a great place to learn how to catch lobster. Not only will you learn how to catch them, but you’ll also get to enjoy a picnic lunch and take in the coastal views of Kalbarri.

Learn how to catch & keep lobster in Kalbarri

Head to the Playground

Kalbarri has several playgrounds which are a great thing to do to entertain your kids! They are both located along the riverfront: Kalbarri Foreshore Playground & Fisherman Wharf Playground.

While the Kalbarri Foreshore Playground is definitely a newer, “fancier” playground, we found during the school holidays it was often quite busy. So if you’re looking for somewhere quiet, the Fisherman Wharf Playground was great for that!

Finlay’s Kalbarri

Finlay’s Brewery is a great spot to enjoy lunch, dinner or an afternoon locally crafted beer if you’re looking for things to do in Kalbarri. I’d highly recommend booking ahead to guarantee you’ll get a table!

We loved visiting for a late lunch and staying for an extra drink afterward. There’s even a little section with toys to keep your kids entertained!

Go Snorkelling

One of the most popular places to go snorkelling in Kalbarri is Blue Holes. It is a protected area (so you can’t fish here) and filled with marine life. However, you should note that at low tide snorkelling here can be quite difficult.

Take a Scenic Flight

As Kalbarri is along the coastlines, one of the best things to do is to see it from above! Leaving from Kalbarri Airport, this scenic flight will take you over the coastal cliffs before making its way to show you the spectacular Hutt Lagoon from above.

Check out prices and availability here.

Enjoy a Coastal Sunset Cruise

Another incredible activity to enjoy in Kalbarri is a sunset cruise along the coastline. Starting on the Murchison River, this 2-hour long cruise will take you out to take in views of the coastline from the sea.

You can take your on food and drinks along to enjoy on board. To top it off, you’ll also receive a taste of their warm lobster dip. Check availability here.

Go Surfing

The best time to go surfing in Kalbarri is during the Aussie winter. While we don’t surf ourselves, some of the best beaches for surfing here include:

  • Jakes Point 
  • Blue Holes
  • Red Bluff

Horse Riding

A good activity for families with older kids (aged 10+) is to go horse riding at Big River Ranch. Head out for a trail ride along the Murchison River and through the Australian bushland.

If you have younger kids, Big River Ranch also offers pony rides around their property.

Things to do Kalbarri National Park

The Kalbarri National Park is actual separated into two sections: The Inland Section and The Coastal Section. If you choose to visit any attractions in the Inland Section, please note that you’ll have to pay the National Park entry fee. However, the attractions in the Coastal Section are all free to access (and totally worth a visit!).

I’ve written an entire guide on the Kalbarri National Park so if you’re looking for more information on visiting the National Park including opening hours and entry fees, make sure to read that.

I’ve separated the best things to do in Kalbarri National Park into two sections for the purpose of recognising which ones you’ll need to pay the National Park entry fee for.

The Inland Section

As already mentioned, the Inland Section of the Kalbarri National Park requires an entrance fee upon entry. However, unless they are a part of a tour the attractions within the Inland Section are free to visit (aside from the NP entry fee of course).

If you’d like to explore the inland section of Kalbarri on a guided tour, then click here for prices and more information.

Natures Window

Natures Window is one of the most iconic attractions to see in Kalbarri. If you’d only like to see a few things in the Kalbarri National Park, make sure this is at the top of your list!

The best time to visit (in my opinion) is at sunrise, as you’ll be able to watch the sun rise through the naturally formed rock window that is Natures Window. Just note, sunrise can be a busy time of day here so remember to be respectful of other people and take turns taking photos.

Family photo at Natures window in Kalbarri

The Skywalk

The Kalbarri Skywalk is the newest attraction in the National Park and is definitely one of the best things to do here. You can read my full guide to visiting the Kalbarri Skywalk here.

Pathways around the Skywalk are flat, making it an accessible attraction for people with prams or wheelchairs. There is also a cafe (open from 8am-2pm), which is the only place you can purchase food and drink in the Kalbarri National Park.

You can either choose to visit the Kalbarri skywalk on your own or take a guided tour with a local expert.

Check availability here.

Views from above of Kalbarri Skywalk

Loop Walk

There are plenty of hikes within the Kalbarri National Park, with the Loop Walk being one of the most popular. Beginning at Natures Window, the Loop Walk will lead you 8km along the gorges of the Murchison River.

It will take half a day to complete and is quite challenging in some parts. As temperatures can get very high along this walk (no matter the time of year), make sure to take plenty of water!

Z Bend & River Trail

The River Trail is the one hike in Kalbarri National Park that I am dreaming of doing. However, despite visiting Kalbarri twice, we still haven’t made it… next time for sure!

We have, however, done the 1.2km return walk to the Z Bend Lookout, which I HIGHLY recommend. This is a relatively easy walk that you can do with little ones and will provide you with stunning views of the Kalbarri gorges from the lookout. The walk down to the Z Bend lookout is just one of the many incredible and easily accessible walks in Kalbarri.

If you would like to walk the River Trail it is 2.6km return and will take 2 hours. The River Trail is a demanding hike, with steep descents to the river through a gully and narrow chasm.

z-bend and river gorge Kalbarri

Kalbarri Abseil

Kalbarri Abseiling tours are held at the Z-Bend Gorge and involve a combination of hiking, sightseeing, swimming and exploring. The tour also includes a lunch by the Murchison River.

Canoe the Gorges

There are both full day and half-day canoe tours through the Kalbarri Gorges along the Murchison River. These can be booked through Kalbarri Adventure Tours.

River Cruise

One of the best ways to explore the Kalbarri Gorges is by boat. Take a morning river cruise up the Murchison River to see an array of wildlife amongst the spectacular landscape. It’s the perfect tour for families with young kids looking to explore more of the region.

Read the incredible tour reviews here.

Murchison River in Kalbarri

Kalbarri Wildflowers Tour

Between August and October (spring time) Kalbarri is filled with wildflowers. To make the most of this beautiful season, be sure to book a wildflower tour with an expert guide. They will take you to the best places to see the wildflowers and share their knowledge on the species around the area.

Check the availability here


Being so remote, Kalbarri National Park is a fantastic place for stargazing and astrophotography. On a clear night you can get incredible views of the stars. You can choose to do this on your own or take a tour with D’Guy Charters.

The Coastal Section

Attractions along the coastal section of the Kalbarri National Park are free to enter and do not require a National Park pass to visit. I found this area to be incredibly beautiful and bonus point for being free!

Island Rock & Natural Bridge

Probably my favourite thing to do along the Coastal Section of the Kalbarri National Park is to walk the boardwalk between Island Rock to Natural Bridge. While there are plenty of easy and family friendly walks to enjoy throughout Kalbarri, this one has spectacular views the entire way (making it my top pick).

The boardwalk is pram friendly, making it exceptionally accessible. The trail is only 1.73km one way so it won’t take you more than 25 minutes to walk (just remember you’ll have to walk back to your car).

Wildflower Spotting

While wildflowers are typically located inland, you’ll also be able to find them along the coastline of Kalbarri. Blooming from August-October, make sure to look out for the wildflowers as you enjoy the various walks along the Kalbarri Coastline.

Check out wildflower spotting tours here.

Red Bluff

Red Bluff is considered the ideal place to spot humpback whales on their annual migration along the Kalbarri coastline (June-November). You can even choose to park at the carpark near the beach and explore the rocks below.

Pederick Lookout

Only a short 700m from the carpark is Pederick Lookout. This lookout is an easy walk and shows of spectacular views south along the Kalbarri coastline.

Red Bluff Lookout

If you continue walking from Pederick Lookout you’ll come to Red Bluff Lookout. This is about 1km from the carpark and shows northerly views of the coastline out to the inlet and over the town of Kalbarri.

Pot Alley

Pot Alley is a destination along Kalbarri’s coastal cliffs. With the striking red cliffs in comparison to the blue ocean, it really is an incredible site! Visit here at sunset to really boost those red and orange colours. 

Pot Alley in Kalbarri coastline

Bigurda Trail

For the most part, Bigurda Trail is a sand trail that extends from Eagle Gorge to Natural Bridge. However, once you reach Island Rock the path becomes a paved boardwalk. The trail extends 8km one way, so if you park on one end you’ll need to walk the 8km back to your car.

Mushroom Rock

Mushroom Rock has a walk trail that takes around 1-2 hours return. Along the way you will see a rock formation that looks like a giant mushroom, with waves crashing into it.

Things to do Around Kalbarri

Not only is there plenty of things to do within Kalbarri and the National Park, but if you’re keen to adventure a bit further afield you’ll find more unique attractions to enjoy.

Hutt Lagoon

With naturally pink water, Hutt Lagoon is located just 30 minutes out of Kalbarri. The high levels of salt in the water make the lake appear to be pink, making it a photography hotspot along Australia’s Coral Coast.

The lake is at its pinkest when the sun is out, and looks even more incredible on a day without wind. If you’re staying in the area, make sure to plan your visit accordingly.

One of the best ways to take in the spectacular Hutt Lagoon is from the air on a scenic flight!

Check scenic flight availability here.

Abrolhos Islands

Located about 80km west of Geraldton, the Abrolhos islands re a chain of 122 islands and coral reefs. Being so remote, it is rarely visited by tourist it is very pristine and full of natural diversity.

You can experience the Abrolhos Islands up close on a scenic flight that lands on the beautiful east Wallabi Island. Here you can explore the birdlife, neighbouring islands and limestone cave formations of the area. As you fly back to Kalbarri you’ll be able to see the historical Batavia shipwreck from above. For more information and prices, click here.

Monkey Mia Dolphin Tour

Ever wanted to see dolphins in the wild? This half day tour departs from Kalbarri and includes a scenic flight and opportunity to explore both Monkey Mia and Sharks Bay. For more information and prices, click here.

Wagoe Beach Quad Bike Tour

You can explore the Kalbarri coastline along Wagoe Beach on a Quad bike tour. The starting point is about 25 minutes outside of Kalbarri.


When visiting Kalbarri, there is definitely something to do for everyone. Whether you’re travelling with young kids or as an active couple you’ll easily be able to find both free attractions and paid activities to fill your days.

If you’re travelling along Australia’s Coral Coast make sure you make the stop over in Kalbarri. Let me know if you need any further recommendations or questions in the comments below!

Kalbarri Accommodation

  • Kalbarri Palm Resort ($): Located just a 10 minute walk from the beach, Kalbarri Palm Resort has 2 pools, a hot tub and a tennis court.
  • Kalbarri Sea Front Villas ($$): Kalbarri Seafront Villas offers holiday accommodation in various forms. Some villas even have views over the river and ocean! Guests can enjoy the outdoor swimming pool and BBQ areas.
  • Murchison View Appartments ($$): Murchison View Apartments feature an outdoor pool and a barbecue area for guests to use. all appartments include a full kitchen, bathroom and spacious lounge area.
  • Kalbarri Edge Resort ($$): Kalbarri Edge Resort is just 5 minutes’ walk from the Murchison River with a solar-heated pool and BBQ facilities.

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