The Best Walks in Kalbarri National Park

Kalbarri is well known for its many incredible hikes. However, if you’re visiting with young kids or have mobility challenges then you may be interested in the many incredible walks that Kalbarri National Park has to offer.

There are so many beautiful walk trails to enjoy both in and around the Kalbarri National Park that are accessible for everyone. Below is my list of the top walk trails to enjoy on your trip to Kalbarri, Western Australia:

Island Rock to Natural Bridge

✔️ Pram friendly
✔️ 1.73km (one way)
✔️ Toilet facilities

Of all the walks we experienced in Kalbarri, Island Rock to the Natural Bridge was one of my favourites. It is pram friendly with gorgeous views of the coastline the whole way! We were here in July and spotted so many whales as we walked.

This boardwalk is a small section of the Bigurda Trail (see below).

The trail is only 1.73km so it won’t take you more than 25 minutes to complete depending on how long you stop at each lookout. However, this is the distance for one way. So if you’ve parked up at one attraction, you’ll have to walk the same distance back to your car.

Along the boardwalk, near the Natural Bridge there are also toilet facilities and an undercover seating area.

Bigurda Trail

✔️ 8km (one way)
✔️ Toilet facilities

For the most part, Bigurda Trail is a sand trail that extends from Eagle Gorge to Natural Bridge. However, once you reach Island Rock the path becomes a paved boardwalk (see above).

Bigurda Trail is a great place for whale and dolphin spotting along the Kalbarri coastline. You may also see colourful wildflowers, depending on the time of year you visit.

If you choose to walk the Bigurda Trail please note that it is 8km one way. So if you park on one end, you’ll need to walk the 8km back to your car.

I’d recommend getting a friend to park your car at the other end of the trail so you only have to walk the one direction. You can even choose to start at one of the car accessible spots along the trail and just walk a section of it.

Coastline in Kalbarri National Park

Red Bluff

Red Bluff is considered the ideal place to spot humpback whales on their annual migration along the Kalbarri coastline (June-November). You can also walk from the Pederick Lookout down to Red Bluff Beach, however this would be more considered a hike than a walk trail.

Pederick Lookout

✔️ Pram friendly
✔️ 700m return (from carpark)

Only a short distance from the carpark is Pederick Lookout. This lookout faces south along the Kalbarri coastline and is an easy walk, being completely paved.

Red Bluff Lookout

✔️ 1km return (from carpark)

If you continue walking from Pederick Lookout you’ll come to Red Bluff Lookout. This lookout faces north, and provides views out to the inlet and over the town of Kalbarri. While it is considered slightly more challenging than the walk to Pederick Lookout due to the increased gradient, it is paved and relatively accessible, even with a pram.

Jakes Point

✔️ No set distance

Well known as a popular surf location, Jakes Point is a great place to head for a walk in Kalbarri. There is a path located above the beac, you can also walk along the rocks and beach.

Meanarra Hill Lookout

✔️ Pram friendly
✔️ 300m return
✔️ Toilet facilites

Meannarra Hill Lookout is a short walk from the carpark and provides panoramic views of Kalbarri town and the surrounding area. So, this is a great spot to visit at sunset and is easily accessible for everyone! There is even a shelter to provide shade if there is rain or you decide to visit during the day.

Z-Bend Lookout

✔️ 1.2km return 
✔️ Toilet facilites

The Z-Bend Lookout is an easy walk that provides a beautiful view of the gorges in the Kalbarri National Park. It is a 1.2km return walk along a gravel path, which is easily achieved with kids. From the viewpoint you can see down to the river. While we were there we could see people swimming!

Note: As the Z-Bend Lookout is located in the Kalbarri National Park, you’ll have to pay the national park entrance fee before heading on this walk.

If you would like to head down to the river you’ll need to take the Z-Bend River Trail which is a 2.6km return hike. However, The River Trail is a demanding hike, with steep descents to the river through a gully and narrow chasm.

There are toilet facilities located up in the carpark.

Kalbarri Skywalk

✔️ Pram friendly
✔️ 150m (one-way)
✔️ Toilet facilites
✔️ Kiosk

The Kalbarri Skywalk is a new attraction, completed in 2020, for the Kalbarri National Park. With two 100-meter high lookouts projecting out over the Murchison Gorge, it offers incredible views of the surrounding area.

Note: As the Skywalk is located in the Kalbarri National Park, you’ll have to pay the national park entrance fee before walking around this attraction.

The Kalbarri Skywalk is only a short 150m walk from the carpark. Pathways and the Skywalk itself is an accessible attraction for people with prams or wheelchairs. Once you have walked down to the attraction you can explore the area at your own pace

There is a Kiosk located at the Skywalk, which is the only place you can purchase food or drink in the National Park. So sit back and enjoy a coffee while you take in the incredible views! The kiosk opens from 8am-2pm.

There are toilet facilities located at both the carpark and the Skywalk (near the Kiosk). However, there were no changing facilities for babies offered in the toilets.

Woman standing at end of Kalbarri Skywalk

Nature’s Window

✔️ 1km return
✔️ Toilet facilites

Natures Window is the most popular and renowned attraction in all of Kalbarri. This is what many people come here for. With its naturally formed rock window that overlooks the gorges of the Murchison River, it’s an incredible spot to visit for sunrise!

Note: As Natures Window is located in the Kalbarri National Park, you’ll have to pay the national park entrance fee before heading on this walk.

The walk down to Kalbarri’s Natures Window requires taking some stairs and walking over rocks. It’s a 1km walk, so not far, but if you’re visiting with young kids, be careful as there are cliff drop offs. Therefore, I’d highly recommend putting little ones in a carrier here.

Toilet facilities are located up in the carpark. There are shelters with picnic benches located here also. You can enjoy views of the surrounding area from the carpark lookout.

family sitting in kalbarri natures window


There are plenty of incredible walks to enjoy on your holiday in Kalbarri, exploring the National Park. Many of these are even pram/wheelchair friendly! While Kalbarri National Park offers many of the most popular walks and hikes, you’ll find that there are many alternative options if you’d prefer to stay closer to town.

If you’re looking for a full guide on things to do in Kalbarri then read this post!

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