Roebuck Bay, Broome: Your Guide to the Iconic Simpsons Beach

One of my favourite photos we took on our trip to Broome was captured on the steps leading down to Simpsons Beach in Roebuck Bay. This “iconic photo spot” has been made popular by Instagram, showcasing the contrasting colours of Broome.

With mangroves and the iconic red sand in contrast to the turquoise blue water, this spot really is a must for anyone interested in photography… or just an incredible view!

Where is Roebuck Bay

Roebuck Bay is located in Broome, in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia. It stretches along the eastern side of the Peninsula where the largest part of Broome town is built.

Where is Simpsons Beach

Simpsons beach is tucked away near the Broome Port on Roebuck Bay. It is located close to the Broome Dinosaur Adventure base and the Broome Hovercraft base, which you can use in maps to help get you to the beach.

How to Get to Simpsons Beach, Broome

Getting to this particular spot was actually a bit of a challenge, with little to no signage. When we visited in 2022 it didn’ come up when we put it into Google maps. So I’ve put together some old school directions to help you find the Roebuck Bay staircase at Simpsons Beach:

  1. Head south from Broome towards the Broome Port Jetty

  2. Turn off of Port Drive near the Hovercraft entrance

  3. Look for a little sign that says “Beach Access”

    It’s really small and looks a little makeshift!

  4.  Follow the track and it’ll take you to the carpark

    You’ll know you have the right place when you see a sign for Simpsons Beach

When to Visit Roebuck Bay

Broome’s dry season is from May – October, and is generally considered to be the best time of year to visit. We visited in April, just outside of the dry season, and experienced a range of weather conditions from beautiful sunny days to rain and stormy weather.

When to Visit for Photography:

If you’re wandering what time of day to come to Roebuck Bay for photography, visiting on a sunny day, while the sun is relatively high will bring out the greatest contrast in colours. It can be more challenging to capture beautiful images in the bright sun, but I have a post with tips for just this: How to Take Incredible Travel Photos in Bright Sunlight.

Being east-facing, sunrise is also a great time to visit if you’re looking to experience golden hour over Roebuck Bay. If you’re visiting at this time here are some tips on How to Take Travel Photos During Golden Hour.

What to Bring

There are no amenities at Simpsons Beach, aside from one very smelly and overflowing bin. So make sure to bring anything you need.

It is important to note that there is very limited shade here. So definitely lather up in sunscreen, bring a hat & plenty of water because you’ll need it in the hot and humid Broome weather. If you plan on staying for some time, you may want to consider taking your own shade.

Tips for Visiting with Kids

Simpsons Beach isn’t a particularly kid friendly beach. If you choose to come with kids, I advise planning a short stay. You can come, admire the views, walk around and take some photos!

Please note, the red sand can get very hot! Make sure your kids are wearing shoes when you come to visit!

Photography Tips

  • Use Leading Lines: The staircase at this beach makes for the perfect leading lines to really enhance your photography and capture a beautiful image!
  • Drone: I’ve also seen plenty of incredible drone shots over Roebuck Bay. From above, it takes on an entirely new perspective!
  • Add Movement: Instead of just standing on the stairway, try adding movement by walking down!
  • Head to the Beach: While I love the photos we took on the staircase, make sure to head down to the beach and see what you can capture there!

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